We are very pleased to be able to tell you that today, Friday August 5th, 6024’s boiler passed its first “in steam” examination since the boiler was returned to the frames. We are now able to steam the locomotive to suit our needs.

It is very satisfying that the work arising from the two days in steam is very short indeed.

Our thanks go to the WSR for facilitating this work and all of those involved today.

The remainder of August is going to be taken up with finishing the boiler and firebox cladding, electrical power supply and safety systems work. The day 6024 moves under its own steam again is getting closer every day.

Finally, I would politely request that emails from the society to members are not forwarded on to non-members. It is important to us that members receive information on 6024 first and, sometimes, that information is not for wider consumption. In the modern era, and in particular with social media, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this, but we like to try. Thank you for your co-operation

Best wishes,

Richard Abbey
6024 Preservation Society