We are sure that you will be very pleased to hear that 6024 will be “in steam” this week.

On Wednesday July 27th, our boiler inspectors visited Minehead to undertake a “part 1” examination on 6024’s boiler. This examination of the boiler’s internal surfaces raised no concerns. As a result, we are clear to move ahead to the “part 2” examination, which is the “in steam” stage.

Today, Wednesday August 3rd, at 15:30, a small warming fire was lit on 6024’s grate. Tomorrow, Thursday August 4th, the locomotive will be brought into steam to allow static testing of various items to be undertaken and for the safety valves to be set at 250psi. On Friday August 5th our insurers will attend to undertake their formal examination.

Much of the work will be visible from the platform at Minehead, should any of you be able to come to see us at work. The WSR is open on both days, but no trains are running on Friday. We cannot give any outline of a timetable for either day, when things happen will very much depend on how we get on.

Unfortunately, non-working members will not be able to visit the WSR’s shed on either day.

Best wishes,

Richard Abbey
6024 Preservation Society