As part of No.6024’s overhaul the boiler is being fitted with a blowdown valve. Many Kings received them in the 1950s but No.6024 did not. No.6000 King George V retains the equipment whilst the boiler fitted to No.6023 King Edward II retains the pad on the throatplate required for the valve.

No.6024 is to be fitted with the system designed at Swindon in 1958. The Swindon system used a blowdown valve produced by the Everlasting Valve Company of New Jersey, USA. In an effort to replicate the system Everlasting, thankfully still in business, were contacted and asked if they could supply the valve used in the 1950’s. Amazingly, they could!

A short while later and after a pause in customs No.6024’s new blowdown valve arrived at Minehead shed in late July. The valve will now be stored ready for the return of the boiler and the sourcing of remaining items needed for the blowdown system.