A major milestone in the overhaul of 6024 was to bring the electrical power systems and related safety systems cabling to the point at which the safety systems can be installed. Over 3 extremely hot days in Minehead, this work was undertaken by a team of volunteers and our electrical systems contractor Rob Morland. Ours thanks to them all for working so hard in some pretty trying conditions. Once some further testing is completed, we can move to the safety systems installation work in a couple of weeks’ time.

Alongside the electrical work, other specific tasks were tackled in the heat. More pipework was sorted out, the ashpan screens and damper doors were worked on again, as expected post-steam testing some final fettling etc has been required, the engine was given a pretty thorough clean and more painting was undertaken, again not so easy in the hot conditions.

Work has continued at Minehead after the successful steam test despite the hot conditions. Martyn Bane has supplied the photographs of the weeks progress.