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September Week 3 Overhaul Photographs

Another day of progress on 6024.


Steam Test Photographs by Jack Boskett

On the day of 6024’s steam test, in August, we were very fortunate that renowned photographer Jack Boskett came to Minehead to record events. We are very pleased to be able to share a number of Jack’s excellent photographs. Our sincere thanks to Jack for coming down and give us use of his photographs.


September Week 2 Overhaul Photographs – Part 2

Work this week focused on brakes, electrics and painting, which is the norm at the moment.


September Week 2 Overhaul Photographs – Part 1

Work this week focused on brakes, electrics and painting, which is the norm at the moment.


September Week 1 Overhaul Photographs

The first week of September saw a focus on bringing the boiler and firebox cladding, as well as the cab side sheets, up to first top coat green, which required a lot of preparatory work.  As the photographs show, other work has continued too.


6024 Steam Test Video

Volunteer Andy Jeanes has produced this excellent video showing the two days of work leading up to the formal steam test on Friday August 5th.


Boiler Barrel Cladding

In a slight change of the plan the boiler barrel cladding has been fitted to the locomotive ahead of the superheater header, superheater elements and chimney. This is, in part, due to further delays in getting the superheater header formally hydraulically tested but also because a better method of fitting the cladding sheets was devised. Prior to the fitting of the six cladding sheets the boiler barrel lagging was finished off.

The A-frame used on the loco was modified to be higher whilst a combination of magnetism and a power hoist helped make a difficult and heavy jog much easier. Our thanks to our contractors, Leaky Finders, for their hard work in getting the cladding sheets fitted.


Superheater Header News

We have some news of No.6024’s superheater header.

Crack repairs completed just before ‘lockdown’ have recently been followed up by remachining of the superheater element seats, the manufacture of new studs and conical washers used to secure the elements into the header. Shortly the header and the brand new elements will be subject to an insurance company witnessed hydraulic test. Once successfully completed and work is able to restart in Minehead refitting the header (and chimney), followed by the elements, will be high on the agenda.