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Tender Tank Refitted

On Saturday 19 January No.6024’s tender, No.2425, took another big step towards completion with the final fitting of the tank to the chassis in the workshops at Highbridge. This follows on from its rewheeling and subsequent independent inspection in late 2018.

Much work remains to be done before the tender can be moved to Minehead to join the engine. Just some of the tasks remaining are:

  • Bolting the tank to the chassis, it was previously riveted.
  • Fitting numerous smaller items such as toolboxes, hoses and footplating.
  • Lots of painting with final painting to be undertaken at Minehead.
  • Significant electrical wiring which is probably the biggest remaining task and one which could not progress until the tank was fitted.

Outside the Research Lab Vol.2 – Physics in Vintage and Modern Transport

Something a little different…. No.6024 features in a recently published and very readable physics textbook written for university students and those with a more general interest in science and technology, “Outside the Research Lab Volume 2 – Physics in Vintage and Modern Transport” by Sharon Ann Holgate.

The total reworking of No.6024’s electrical systems during the current overhaul is covered in some detail in chapter two of this interesting and informative book. The locomotive even features on the cover! Other railway related topics covered in the book are the electrical systems on A1 No.60163 Tornado, class 08 and 09 diesel shunting locomotives and the Milwaukee Road streamlined Cedar Rapids Skytop parlour lounge observation car in the USA.

The official webpage for this book can be found by clicking here.

A short video on the book can be viewed here.



Support Coach 35333 Overhaul

On 10 January 2019 Richard Corser and Martyn Bane visited Arlington Fleet Services in Eastleigh, the company  overhauling 6024’s support coach. Mk1 BSK W35333 is undergoing the heaviest repairs in its life. The photos accompanying this news item show just some of the work undertaken. It is running a little behind initial estimates reflecting some of the problems found with the coach since the work started. All work viewed is being carried out to a high standard, this work includes:

  • Bottom 6″ of bodysides renewed.
  • Guttering removed, repaired and fully sealed on fitting.
  • Doors reskinned and repaired.
  • End pillars inspected (all in good order).
  • Floor repairs.
  • External 24V system rewire.
  • 24V provision for connection to the locomotive.
  • New end to end steam heat pipe.
  • Braking components overhauled.
  • Bogie and wheelset work (on-going).

A few tasks, the biggest surrounding the bogies and wheelsets, remain to be completed before the coach can be lowered from the high stands it is currently positioned on. This will allow the body and roof to be prepared for painting and a myriad of smaller jobs to be completed.


Rods – Connecting and Coupling

The last couple of working parties of 2018 have seen some significant progress made with some very visible items on the engine’s chassis.

The inside right connecting rod has been installed whilst both sets of coupling rods (left and right) have been trial fitted. These require very little further work to see them fitted more permanently.

All the components for the inside left connecting rod have been prepped for fitting, the actual fitting being paused until the new air brake pipes running down the inside of the frame had been finished. This has been achieved allowing the connecting rod to be fitted early in 2019. Rapid progress on the outside connecting rods is expected through January.

In early December Eddie Draper of Ricardo Rail visited both the tender and the engine as part of their periodic checks on progress. This successful visit means that in early 2019 the tender tank can be reunited with the chassis taking it much closer to completion.


Archive Newsletters

The first batch of archive Club 60-24 Newsletters – Numbers 1 to 10 – have now been added to the Newsletters page of the Club 60-24 Members area. They can be found here. These are in additional to the current Newsletter, No.73, which has also be added.

The archive Newsletters cover the period April 1991 to June 1994, highlighting just how long 6024 has been operated by the society. They make fascinating reading, we hope you enjoy remembering what has been done in the past or perhaps reading about it all for the first time.

Our thanks to Tony Jackson for scanning the back issues. More issues will follow soon.



Boiler Inspection Visit

On 27 November Colin Henderson and Martyn Bane visited Riley and Son (E) Ltd’s workshop in Heywood, near Bury, to inspect recent work undertaken on No.6024’s boiler, No.8610.

Whilst a lot remains to be completed a large amount of work has been steadily progressing at the rate the society has requested. Barring unforeseen problems the boiler is hoped to be complete in around 4 months times.

The current work focus is on fitting the many new crown stays. The photos show those already fitted and the many other renewed stays and plate work.

It was pleasing to see the work being carried out, as ever, to a high standard with no areas of concern noted. We look forward to the next visit.



Tender Re-Wheeled

Over a two day period of work at Highbridge, on Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 October, the tender frames were reunited with its wheels.

Re-wheeling may sound like a simple term but it is a procedure which needs more than just the wheels to be available – all the associated components are also necessary. The major items fitted over the working days were:

• Wheelsets
• Axleboxes
• Axlebox tops
• Wooden dust covers
• Bearings
• Underkeeps
• Oil pads
• Horn ties
• Springs
• Spring hangers

Numerous smaller components were also needed, including: nuts, bolts, washers, grease, split cotter pins and lubricating oil. Copious amounts of tea were also required.

The wheels fitted have not previously run with tender No.2425 having run under tender No.2690 which now runs with No.5029 Nunney Castle. The two tenders swapped wheelsets a few years ago to get maximum life out of those under No.2425 and to keep No.5029 running, the wheelset tyres under tender No. 2690 having become life expired.

It was pleasing to find no problems with the new air brake and electrical equipment fitted. All items are well clear of the wheel and axles.

The next stage of work will see the brake gear fitted and a small number of electrical tasks undertaken to allow the tender tank to be refitted. It is planned this will happen before Christmas once our external inspection body have pronounced themselves happy with the work so far undertaken.


New Website and Social Media Sites

New Website and Social Media Sites

The new website for the 6024 Preservation Society Ltd has been published following several months work between our developers Squarebird and Society officers. If you are a member of the society but have not received details of how to login to the members area please send an email asking for access details to contact@6024.com.

In addition to the website 6024 now has an official presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please follow us to keep up to date with 6024 King Edward I.