Much progress on 6024 of late has been undramatic or repetitive photographically with the King’s Messenger and Newsletter covering events.

However, on July 11 Colin Henderson and Martyn Bane returned to Riley’s to view progress on the boiler and discuss the ashpan design and construction.

After a gap in any significant progress things are happening on the boiler. Work currently seen to be in-hand included:

  • Welding the “bottle ends” to the flu tubes.
  • Work to fit the remaining foundation ring rivets, this was delayed due to a material problem. Fortunately none of those already fitted were from the problem batches.
  • The crown sheet patch has been welded in. It is marked up for drilling.
  • Further crown stays had been fitted with work continuing.

The intention is that the boiler will be finished in the early autumn.

The replacement ashpan is to be built at Riley’s. The first step is to draw it in 3D CAD software. The design is a combination of the original with the hopper modifications made at Tyseley during the previous overhaul. The ashpan spark arresting screens are to be to a new and much more practical design which will also be more effective. Once designed the components will be laser cut and profiled prior to welding together at Riley’s and trial fitted to the boiler.

When the boiler and ashpan return to Minehead the intention is they will be craned off the lorry, finally assembled and dropped into the chassis all on the same day. Definitely a day to watch from the platform!