On Thursday January 9th 6024’s boiler and ashpan arrived in Minehead being fitted later in the day.

The work was assisted by Riley’s who had brought the newly made ashpan to Minehead wanting to ensure the final fit was good and to undertake further work on it once in the frames. Anyone who has seen under the rear of a King will know how tight a fit the ashpan is. It was very pleasing to see it drop into place without any problem.

As would be expected, a few minor alterations were needed to get the boiler to sit happily in the frames. The repaired fire iron tunnel turned out to be very slightly foul of the firebox side expansion bracket but that was about it.

Once the boiler was in the frames the engine was taken for a short run up the yard to shake it around a little. No problems presented themselves.

Whilst the chassis was out in the yard the opportunity was taken to give the pit and surrounding area a pressure wash. Our thanks to Nick Parry for undertaking most of this work. The pit is, for now, nearly spotless.

Now the hard and heavy work required to finish the locomotive begins.