On 3rd October Richard Corser, Diana Shindler & Martyn Bane paid another visit to Riley’s to view progress on the boiler. Since the previous visit there was much progress to see. 

  • All crown stay work completed.
  • A handful of side stays needed removal and replacing due to becoming damaged when installed. Once done all the side stays would be complete.
  • Foundation ring rivets completed.
  • Feedwater delivery trays (brand new) had been installed, work nearly completed.
  • All flu tubes installed, beading at smokebox end about to commence.
  • Main steam pipe installed.
  • Internal pipes for steam to the vacuum ejector and blower completed.
  • Overhaul of safety valves and clacks in progress.
  • Overhaul of gauge frame in progress.
  • Blowdown pad work commenced with throatplate marked out.
  • The smokebox was complete.

The small tubes were away being swaged, they arrived at Riley’s on Friday 11th October, earlier than scheduled.

The ashpan design was signed off and a laser cutting firm had been engaged to produce a “flatpack” for Riley’s to assemble and trial fit.

Richard Corser spent some time going through invoices and outstanding work to ensure financially things were on track, which they were.

After the inspection the boiler was moved from being on its side to being upright.

Hydraulic and steam testing of the boiler is expected to occur by the end of October at the very latest.