On August 5th Martyn Bane and Diana Hurfurt paid a visit to Riley’s in Heywood to review progress on the boiler, it having been 3 weeks since the last visit. It was good to find much work had been undertaken and was continuing. 

A short summary of the work is:

  • More crown stays fitted. The remaining tapped holes were being prepared.
  • Welded in crown sheet patch weld passed non-destructive testing.
  • Crown sheet patch drilled for stays, to be tapped.
  • Work on-going to fit foundation ring rivets.
  • All backhead rivets/patch screws fitted and tooled.
  • New smokebox and doubling plate in stock.
  • Some flu bottle end welds tested and passed, others in progress.
  • Ashpan design will shortly be available for review.
  • Tubes in stock.

Whilst a lot remains to be done we are confident the boiler will be in Minehead during the autumn.

The next visit to review progress is scheduled for the last week in August. By then the boiler is expected to be upright again.