A combination of problems securing the components of the new ashpan has, very frustratingly, led to a delay in the return of the boiler to Minehead. The ashpan, which is being built for us by Rileys, has been designed in 3D CAD based on the original Swindon drawings incorporating the modifications made during the previous overhaul and a few further alterations based on experience. The ashpan, being built in Corten corrosion resistant steel, was due to be laser cut and bent, delivered to Rileys and subsequently assembled ready to leave for Minehead on November 18th. Delays at suppliers caused this plan to fall apart. Subsequently we have been left with no choice but to delay the return of the boiler to Minehead to give time for the ashpan to be completed. We anticipate the boiler being back in the frames of the locomotive during the first week in December.