November Week 3 Working Party Photographs

Another 3 days on 6024 saw a focus on air brakes, electrics, cladding and painting.


6024 Steam Test Success

We are very pleased to be able to tell you that today, Friday August 5th, 6024’s boiler passed its first “in steam” examination since the boiler was returned to the frames. We are now able to steam the locomotive to suit our needs.

It is very satisfying that the work arising from the two days in steam is very short indeed.

Our thanks go to the WSR for facilitating this work and all of those involved today.

The remainder of August is going to be taken up with finishing the boiler and firebox cladding, electrical power supply and safety systems work. The day 6024 moves under its own steam again is getting closer every day.

Finally, I would politely request that emails from the society to members are not forwarded on to non-members. It is important to us that members receive information on 6024 first and, sometimes, that information is not for wider consumption. In the modern era, and in particular with social media, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this, but we like to try. Thank you for your co-operation

Best wishes,

Richard Abbey
6024 Preservation Society


6024 Steam Test

We are sure that you will be very pleased to hear that 6024 will be “in steam” this week.

On Wednesday July 27th, our boiler inspectors visited Minehead to undertake a “part 1” examination on 6024’s boiler. This examination of the boiler’s internal surfaces raised no concerns. As a result, we are clear to move ahead to the “part 2” examination, which is the “in steam” stage.

Today, Wednesday August 3rd, at 15:30, a small warming fire was lit on 6024’s grate. Tomorrow, Thursday August 4th, the locomotive will be brought into steam to allow static testing of various items to be undertaken and for the safety valves to be set at 250psi. On Friday August 5th our insurers will attend to undertake their formal examination.

Much of the work will be visible from the platform at Minehead, should any of you be able to come to see us at work. The WSR is open on both days, but no trains are running on Friday. We cannot give any outline of a timetable for either day, when things happen will very much depend on how we get on.

Unfortunately, non-working members will not be able to visit the WSR’s shed on either day.

Best wishes,

Richard Abbey
6024 Preservation Society


Overhaul Project Manager

Overhaul Project Manager

The management board is looking forward to completing the locomotive’s extensive and comprehensive ‘heavy general’ overhaul by the end of June this year.  In order to achieve this working party days will be increased, with both weekday and weekend working as the outstanding tasks require.

Keith Lines has, for personal reasons, stepped down from his former role as working party co-ordinator and Martyn Bane, with his knowledge of all aspects of the overhaul, in particular the air braking and electrical systems, has come forward as Project Manager to co-ordinate all aspects of the overhaul, mechanical, electrical, liaison with outside contractors and West Somerset Railway so that all work can be coordinated and, hopefully, avoid any duplication over the next six months.

Martyn has resigned from the management board and will receive remuneration for his time as Project Manager.

Martyn has already instigated the 6024 Diary via the ‘Spond’ APP and the management board encourages all working members (whether attending or not) to access and complete the alert with their availability in order to plan manpower availability in order to complete the outstanding work. Any members wishing to join or perhaps re-join the working parties can contact Martyn at or on 07713 741593.

Later this year sees the 50th anniversary of the Society’s formation and it is the board’s aim to have the locomotive completed and certified for the mainline in this ‘Golden Jubilee’ year.

Richard Abbey



To Colin Henderson. a very big Thank You

Richard Abbey, General Manager, reflects the Society’s large debt of gratitude to Colin Henderson for his very valued contribution as he retires as Engineering Manager

After many years of dedication to 6024, Colin has decided that now is the time to retire from his position of the Society’s Engineering Manager. The Society owes him very sincere thanks for the enormous amount of time and effort he has put into the locomotive, not only during its last ‘ticket’ on the mainline but especially since 2012 with the overhaul. It is hard to sum up just how much he has done, and his will be a hard act to follow. Colin is not ‘riding off into the Somerset sunset’, but will remain as an active volunteer, hopefully for many more years.

Obviously, Colin’s retirement creates a bit of a headache for us, although we hope that we will soon be able to announce how we see the overhaul being brought to its conclusion. We had already been discussing the precise engineering structure needed to run 6024 once the overhaul is complete. We now simply need to move slightly faster than anticipated initially.

We will ensure members are fully informed of our plans as soon as they are in place.


Boiler Barrel Cladding

In a slight change of the plan the boiler barrel cladding has been fitted to the locomotive ahead of the superheater header, superheater elements and chimney. This is, in part, due to further delays in getting the superheater header formally hydraulically tested but also because a better method of fitting the cladding sheets was devised. Prior to the fitting of the six cladding sheets the boiler barrel lagging was finished off.

The A-frame used on the loco was modified to be higher whilst a combination of magnetism and a power hoist helped make a difficult and heavy jog much easier. Our thanks to our contractors, Leaky Finders, for their hard work in getting the cladding sheets fitted.


Health & Safety Manager Appointed

Members may remember the board have been searching for a suitable person to take on the role of Health & Safety Manager for the society. In today’s world we can longer operate without someone taking on this newly created role, it is what is expected of us and we would be failing in our duty of care to our volunteers not to do so. As expected it has not been an easy role to fill but we are very pleased to announce that Jeremy (Jess) James has agreed to take the job on. 

Jess takes a very positive approach to Health & Safety with a “yes we can do that” attitude rather than the default “no” sometimes found, it being a question of finding appropriate and safe ways of working. His influence will, no doubt, lead to some changes and improvements in the way we do things, something which the board is committed to supporting.

Jess’ professional background is as a senior officer with Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service. He holds a number of formal Health & Safety qualifications. His job has regularly brought him into contact with the railways – current and preserved. He first became known to some of us when operating No.70000 ‘Britannia’ back from Poole to Southall after a railtour. The locomotive ran out of water in the small hours of a Sunday morning at Maidenhead, frustratingly close to home. Whilst Jess was not involved with supplying water to the loco he was involved with the follow up which lead him to become a volunteer with LSL at Southall joining the support crew shortly afterwards. He has previously been a (locomotive) fireman at Llangollen so comes with many skills we need.

We are sure all members will join with the board in welcoming him to the role and wish him well.


Video of 6024 showing current progress.

As members currently can’t  access 6024  to view progress and as Shirley Turner was recently in Minehead on WSR business she very kindly shot this very short clip so that you can see the loco as it currently is. It is to be hoped that you will be able to see progress in person before the end of this year.

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