Over a 3 day period Martin Ryan and our electrical contractor, Rob Morland, commissioned the 24V power system on 6024’s tender. This system will provide all of the electrical power needed on 6024 in a much more reliable way than hitherto. It is very pleasing to report that the system worked as expected with no functional problems found during the work meaning it is ready for use! 

The commissioning was undertaken in a very structured way following a previously written testing script. This started with wiring tests before connecting any power.  These included insulation tests on every wire net and belling-out key wires to ensure none were swapped.  All the insulation tests were satisfactory (>200MOhm at 250V for the DC circuits and at 500V for the AC ones). 

Next the mains power inputs and chargers were tested.  These worked fine.  Using temporary batteries power was applied progressively testing all the functions of the Main Distrubution Board and batteries.  All worked as planned.

The next stages of electrical work will focus on wiring the engine, including the installation of the necessary conduit runs, and the AWS/TPWS, OTMR and GSM-R installations. All of these areas are already started to a greater or lesser extent but a significant amount of work remains to be done.