A lot of preparations for work on the engine have been in hand during the first few months of 2020. Serious physical work was just starting when we had to stop work. Had things been different we expect that cable harnesses would have been installed during April ready for a contractor to come in to wire the TPWS and OTMR on the engine.

Air Brakes

This project, which is taking far longer than first envisaged, has made some significant progress recently. Extra help has been brought in to speed up the making and fitting of the pipe runs. It is just a few more weeks away from being as finished as it can be. Final tasks will only be able to be completed once the locomotive itself is nearly finished.

Work on an improved way of mounting the air pump governor is nearly completed.

One of the last tasks ticked off the list before we stopped work was to receive the overhauled set of brake valves which will be fitted once initial testing of the air brake system is complete.

Support Coach

The long drawn out saga of bogies for the support coach appears to be over. A complete set of bogies are at Arlington in Eastleigh. Some work is required on the chassis to accommodate the change from Commonwealth to B5 bogies. This was due to commence with a visit from 6024 officers planned. We look forward to rescheduling this visit.


The very considerable task of getting all of the paperwork we need to be able to operate on the mainline up to current requirements is an on-going process with a number of key documents now at the draft stage. We have been fortunate to gain the assistance of someone new to help us with this.

The enforced time at home seems like an excellent opportunity to make some more progress!