Members may remember the board have been searching for a suitable person to take on the role of Health & Safety Manager for the society. In today’s world we can longer operate without someone taking on this newly created role, it is what is expected of us and we would be failing in our duty of care to our volunteers not to do so. As expected it has not been an easy role to fill but we are very pleased to announce that Jeremy (Jess) James has agreed to take the job on. 

Jess takes a very positive approach to Health & Safety with a “yes we can do that” attitude rather than the default “no” sometimes found, it being a question of finding appropriate and safe ways of working. His influence will, no doubt, lead to some changes and improvements in the way we do things, something which the board is committed to supporting.

Jess’ professional background is as a senior officer with Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service. He holds a number of formal Health & Safety qualifications. His job has regularly brought him into contact with the railways – current and preserved. He first became known to some of us when operating No.70000 ‘Britannia’ back from Poole to Southall after a railtour. The locomotive ran out of water in the small hours of a Sunday morning at Maidenhead, frustratingly close to home. Whilst Jess was not involved with supplying water to the loco he was involved with the follow up which lead him to become a volunteer with LSL at Southall joining the support crew shortly afterwards. He has previously been a (locomotive) fireman at Llangollen so comes with many skills we need.

We are sure all members will join with the board in welcoming him to the role and wish him well.