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November Week 2 Working Party Photographs

Extra working days this week focussing on progressing the air brake pipework and electrical systems, alongside some mechanical tasks

November Week 1 Working Party Photographs

Work continues on the many remaining tasks before 6024 can be considered “finished” and ready for running in at the West Somerset Railway.

October Week 4 Working Party Photographs

6024 was outside again, briefly, to give easy access to the front of the tender to allow further work on the braking system components before going back into the shed and further work elsewhere.

October Week 3 Working Party Photographs

Here are photographs from another week for the working party. These photographs were supplied by Martyn Bane.

October Week 2 Overhaul Photographs

The working party has continued to work on the locomotive. Andy Jeanes has supplied this weeks photographs.

October Week 1 Overhaul Photographs

After last weeks successful steaming, the working party continues finishing the locomotive.

Work has focussed on the tender brake gear. The recent work on the engine’s brake gear raised a few concerns as to its method of manufacture and modification (in the BR era) so, to satisfy ourselves that all is well, the tender brake gear is being removed to re-examination and any work found to be needed.

6024 Moving Under Its Own Power.

On Wednesday September 28th, 6024 took its first move under its own power since 2012. It is with great satisfaction that we can report everything when well and better than we had dared to expect. Here is a video of the momentous day.