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Fundraising cycle ride

6024 member and volunteer, Tom Whittington, is fundraising to help with the final stages of the overhaul of 6024 by undertaking a sponsored cycle ride between Bishops Lydeard and Minehead on 11th September. The money raised will be split between the 6024 Preservation Society and our friends at the West Somerset Railway.

If you would like to sponsor Tom please visit his Just Giving page at, or send a cheque to the individual organisations.

Support Coach Overhaul

Richard Corser has recently visited Arlington Fleet Service in Eastleigh to view progress on No.6024’s Mk1 support coach. The bogies, which have held up progress, are now onsite but we are still waiting on wheelsets and springs to allow them to be completed. New bolsters for the chassis to match the new bogies are being sourced.

The outstanding work list has been agreed which will be progressed as soon as the coach is on its bogies. This includes a Network Rail funded fitment of a Controlled Emission Toilet (CET) to make the vehicle compliant with the latest standards for mainline operations. Whilst the overhaul has taken much longer than originally planned this is working in our favour as the CET work is only now ready to proceed. If the support coach had been finished sooner it would have had to have been lifted off its bogies again for CET fitting.

Once completed the support coach will be moved to the WSR for further internal work, primarily a rework of the kitchen layout and a full internal repaint and varnish.

Work on the superheater header and associated components has continued.

Work on the superheater header and associated components has continued at our contractor’s premises. The header is ready for hydraulic testing. Understandably it has taken a bit of time to arrange the attendance of our insurance inspector to witness the testing. Once it is tested and has a clean bill of health it is planned to move the header and elements back to Minehead. These will be fitted to the engine over a couple of days of work which will also see the boiler barrel cladding being fitted.

No.6024 at 90

On 30th June 1930 No.6024 King Edward I was officially “rolled out” at the GWR’s workshops at Swindon. So, it is Happy Birthday to No.6024!

To mark this day we present five photographs of the locomotive at different points in its life, GWR through to preservation.

Whilst it has not been possible to complete the current overhaul of the locomotive in time for this milestone we hope to shortly restart work on the locomotive so it won’t be too much longer for No.6024 can be seen and heard at work once more. It is a day that can’t come soon enough!

Ninth Bob Robson Album

Album number nine from the Bob Robson collection has now been published. Sadly this is the final album in the collection, there are no more photographs to publish.

This selection of Bob’s photographs starts in 2003 with the odd older one also included. We hope you enjoy this final album and all of those previously published. They all provide us with an unique view of No. 6024’s life in preservation.

Album nine can be viewed here.


6024 News – Spring 2020

6024 News – Spring 2020

At this difficult time we feel it is important to bring news of 6024. As you will appreciate all work on the overhaul at Minehead had to cease in March. Government guidelines put the core of our working party in the “vulnerable” group and the West Somerset Railway has rightly closed its doors for the time being.

We had been working towards having 6024 near complete for its 90th birthday in late June. Clearly this is also no longer going to be possible. It is extremely frustrating that after an excellent start to 2020, following the return of the boiler, we can no longer predict when the locomotive will be completed.

That is the bad news but it is not all doom and gloom! There has been much progress in the past few months, a summary follows spread across several posts which are now available on the news area of the 6024 Preservation Society Ltd’s website.

Cladding & Lagging News

Cladding & Lagging

Further work has been needed from our volunteers to bring the surface to a condition suitable for obtaining a good paint finish. Each sheet is being given 3 coats of paint on the boiler side and 4 coats on the outside, the last being the first in top coat. We fully expect the sheets to be damaged during fitting but it is best to get as much protection on now as possible. Getting the cladding sheets ready to fit – which is ongoing work – has involved many hours of work from a small team who have worked very hard.

The first rings of lagging, fitted at the smokebox end of the barrel, were fitted on the last day of work before the enforced pause.

Pipework, Handrails, Whistles and So On News

Pipework, Handrails, Whistles and so on

The regular Thursday gang, who have stepped up to work more than one day most weeks, have been busy refitting the pipework down the driver’s side of the boiler. All are very thankful for the photographs available of the locomotive going together at the last overhaul!

To aid safe working the handrails have been temporarily refitted. In addition the society has purchased a pair of access stands.

The cab roof air vents have been altered to prevent hands, fire irons and so on being put through them, primarily as a safety feature for when running under overhead wires. Subsequently the cab roof has been painted but is not yet finished. 

Work has been undertaken to make sure our new lowered whistles will fit properly. This has involved some work on the corroded whistle shroud.

The bronze elbow for the blowdown system was being machined for us at Minehead when work paused.

A couple of our firebar patterns are being worked on at the moment to bring them back to a good standard.

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