Pipework, Handrails, Whistles and so on

The regular Thursday gang, who have stepped up to work more than one day most weeks, have been busy refitting the pipework down the driver’s side of the boiler. All are very thankful for the photographs available of the locomotive going together at the last overhaul!

To aid safe working the handrails have been temporarily refitted. In addition the society has purchased a pair of access stands.

The cab roof air vents have been altered to prevent hands, fire irons and so on being put through them, primarily as a safety feature for when running under overhead wires. Subsequently the cab roof has been painted but is not yet finished. 

Work has been undertaken to make sure our new lowered whistles will fit properly. This has involved some work on the corroded whistle shroud.

The bronze elbow for the blowdown system was being machined for us at Minehead when work paused.

A couple of our firebar patterns are being worked on at the moment to bring them back to a good standard.