Support Coach W35333

In addition to No. 6024 herself, the Society operates a support coach which is used on mainline excursions. Like the locomotive, this is owned by the Royal Scot Locomotive & General Trust.

The 6024 Preservation Society’s support coach is a British Railways Standard Mark I Corridor Brake Second coach (BSK) No W35333, built in 1962 at Wolverton Works – one of the last in the series. The coach has BR Commonwealth bogies and was dual steam/electrically heated and vacuum braked. The coach was withdrawn from BR service on 5 December 1990 with a defective toilet header tank. Its last C4 overhaul was at York Works, completed on 8 December 1986 following which it ran for 151,292 miles before withdrawal from service. Its final BR livery was BR Blue and Grey.

The coach was purchased by the Society from Derby in early 1991 and was moved behind 35028 Clan Line to Didcot. The coach was converted for use as a mainline railtour support coach by the addition of a workshop/tool store and domestic facilities. It was also repainted in overall BR lined maroon, which is probably the livery it carried when it originally entered went service in 1962. The coach ran on its first railtour in 9 September 1991 , and was used regularly on mainline trips until the expiry of 6024’s mainline certificate on 1 March 1995.

During 1995/96 W35333 underwent an extensive overhaul which included the fitting of air brakes providing a dual vacuum/air brake capability. It was also repainted in BR(WR) lined chocolate and cream livery, and re-entered mainline service with 6024 in September 1996. The coach underwent a further overhaul during 2003, with additional refurbishment in early 2008 focussing on body repairs.

Following the withdrawal of 6024 in 2012 the support coach was loaned to the A1 Trust to run with their locomotive, 60163 Tornado, whilst their own support coach was being rebuilt. Subsequently, W35333 was stored at Crewe prior to being moving to Eastleigh in 2017 for overhaul by Arlington Fleet Services Ltd. This work, running into six figures, will be the most comprehensive undertaken on W35333 in preservation.

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