Reassembly of the bare smokebox is making excellent progress. We have contracted out this work to speed up progress and reduce the amount of “heavy” work our working party needs to undertake. This arrangement is working very well.

Amongst the myriad of tasks the first undertaken has been riveting the smokebox to the boiler barrel, it being a loose fit as requested when delivered. The smokebox has also been bolted down to the smokebox saddle. Work on the access cover in the top, above the superheater header, is in hand. Assembly of the ejector exhaust down the driver’s side of the boiler revealed that the pad on the side of the smokebox was in the wrong place and was not flat. This has been corrected.

The superheater header, much to our disappointment, has required some crack repairs. This was nearly completed when we had to stop work. Once tested it will be refitted as soon as work can recommence. At the same time it is planned to refit the chimney. As part of the superheater header work the new superheater elements are to be given a fresh hydraulic test.