On 10 January 2019 Richard Corser and Martyn Bane visited Arlington Fleet Services in Eastleigh, the company  overhauling 6024’s support coach. Mk1 BSK W35333 is undergoing the heaviest repairs in its life. The photos accompanying this news item show just some of the work undertaken. It is running a little behind initial estimates reflecting some of the problems found with the coach since the work started. All work viewed is being carried out to a high standard, this work includes:

  • Bottom 6″ of bodysides renewed.
  • Guttering removed, repaired and fully sealed on fitting.
  • Doors reskinned and repaired.
  • End pillars inspected (all in good order).
  • Floor repairs.
  • External 24V system rewire.
  • 24V provision for connection to the locomotive.
  • New end to end steam heat pipe.
  • Braking components overhauled.
  • Bogie and wheelset work (on-going).

A few tasks, the biggest surrounding the bogies and wheelsets, remain to be completed before the coach can be lowered from the high stands it is currently positioned on. This will allow the body and roof to be prepared for painting and a myriad of smaller jobs to be completed.