The tender has now moved one step closer to being complete. Over two days the electrical installation has made significant progress having been taken as far as it currently can be subject to final checking and tidying up. The wiring of the various connectors taking power from the batteries to the control board and to the connections points for the tender to engine jumper cables has been finished. This might sound like a straightforward task but the number of wires involved made it anything other than quick or simple! Much concentration, double and triple checking was needed to make sure things were correct. Our thanks to Martin Ryan and our electrical contractor Rob Morland for their hard work in pushing this on.

Remaining electrical tasks on the power side can basically be summarised as equipping the pair of toolboxes at the rear of the tender with batteries, chargers and voltage controllers. These are currently being made ready electrically by Rob Morland following mechanical construction by Martin Ryan.

On the safety systems side the wiring is in place for the OTMR (black box) and AWS/TPWS. These will be completed by Sharpe Electrical Services once the tender is in Minehead and the engine wiring is in place, the preference being to undertake all the related work at one time. The GSM-R (radio system) is nearly ready for reinstallation, Rob Morland having undertaken some work on the previously installed wiring to draw power from the loco batteries rather than the previously installed discreet battery bank.