Over a two day period of work at Highbridge, on Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 October, the tender frames were reunited with its wheels.

Re-wheeling may sound like a simple term but it is a procedure which needs more than just the wheels to be available – all the associated components are also necessary. The major items fitted over the working days were:

• Wheelsets
• Axleboxes
• Axlebox tops
• Wooden dust covers
• Bearings
• Underkeeps
• Oil pads
• Horn ties
• Springs
• Spring hangers

Numerous smaller components were also needed, including: nuts, bolts, washers, grease, split cotter pins and lubricating oil. Copious amounts of tea were also required.

The wheels fitted have not previously run with tender No.2425 having run under tender No.2690 which now runs with No.5029 Nunney Castle. The two tenders swapped wheelsets a few years ago to get maximum life out of those under No.2425 and to keep No.5029 running, the wheelset tyres under tender No. 2690 having become life expired.

It was pleasing to find no problems with the new air brake and electrical equipment fitted. All items are well clear of the wheel and axles.

The next stage of work will see the brake gear fitted and a small number of electrical tasks undertaken to allow the tender tank to be refitted. It is planned this will happen before Christmas once our external inspection body have pronounced themselves happy with the work so far undertaken.