Richard Abbey, General Manager, reflects the Society’s large debt of gratitude to Colin Henderson for his very valued contribution as he retires as Engineering Manager

After many years of dedication to 6024, Colin has decided that now is the time to retire from his position of the Society’s Engineering Manager. The Society owes him very sincere thanks for the enormous amount of time and effort he has put into the locomotive, not only during its last ‘ticket’ on the mainline but especially since 2012 with the overhaul. It is hard to sum up just how much he has done, and his will be a hard act to follow. Colin is not ‘riding off into the Somerset sunset’, but will remain as an active volunteer, hopefully for many more years.

Obviously, Colin’s retirement creates a bit of a headache for us, although we hope that we will soon be able to announce how we see the overhaul being brought to its conclusion. We had already been discussing the precise engineering structure needed to run 6024 once the overhaul is complete. We now simply need to move slightly faster than anticipated initially.

We will ensure members are fully informed of our plans as soon as they are in place.