On Saturday July 13th, members of the 6024PS Board were joined by 22 support crew volunteers for a Volunteer Day. We were also joined by Dave Easson, a steam locomotive mainline ‘fitness to run’ examiner and leading member of the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society (“MNLPS”), the group responsible for the maintenance and operation of Clan Line.

The purpose of the day was to update volunteers on the proposed timetable for the completion of the locomotive overhaul, and to discuss proposals for running-in, recommissioning and eventual return to mainline running. This included proposals for where the locomotive may be based and the number and type of trips which she may haul.

Much has changed since the locomotive last ran on the mainline so part of the meeting was devoted to looking at the paperwork which will need to be produced, how the engineering functions might be managed, and the competencies support crew members will need to have to work on the locomotive. We are particularly indebted to Dave Easson for his advice and guidance, based on his long association with the MNLPS.

All volunteers who attended the meeting, and those who sent apologies, have been invited to complete a questionnaire about their current skills and qualifications, and which tasks they may be interested in taking on in the future (with suitable training where appropriate). This will assist the Board in ensuring we have the right mix of volunteers to contribute to the many jobs which will need to be done, both practically on the locomotive and in the background.

Feedback on the day has been very positive: everyone finding it to be a useful and enjoyable day. And Board members were greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm and interest shown by volunteers both existing and new.